TEA Week of Action

Vote NO on Vouchers Profile Picture


Day Six: Saturday, March 23


If you’re attending the Ethnic Minority Affairs Conference in Memphis, wear your school shirt for a group photo. #TEAWeekofaction #TEAactionweek


Day Five: Friday, March 22


SCHOOL PRIDE DAY ???? Post a photo or video of yourself wearing your school shirt with a message about how vouchers will negatively impact local public schools/what local schools could do with the money budgeted for voucher expansion. #TEAWeekofaction #TEAactionweek


Share TEA’s “Keep the Lights On” video on social media.


Day Four: Thursday, March 21
Post on social media why you are a member of TEA?
Share your stories of how TEA advocates for educators. Tag your answers and posts with #TEAWeekofAction #TEAactionweek

Respond to TEA’s social media questions:

Why are public schools important?

Why do you love being a public school educator?


Day Three: Wednesday, March 20
On Day 3 of the #TEAWeekofAction, ask colleagues and parents to urge county officials to reach out to state legislators and tell them to vote NO on universal voucher expansion ☎️ TNEA.org/NoVouchers


Download this profile pic to show your support for Tennessee public schools on social media during the TEA Week of Action March 18-22, 2024. Change your social media profile pic to "Vote NO on Vouchers" on Monday, March 18. Use it as your temporary profile pic during the TEA Week of Action through March 22.


Day Two: Tuesday, March 19


Welcome to the TEA Week of Action, Day 2! ????
1. Attend Civication if you are on spring break. ????
2. If you are unable to attend Civication, use this secure form to contact legislators ???? TNEA.org/NoVouchers
3. Host an after-school gathering to send messages to legislators. Please take a group photo & post on your social media using *Week of Action* hashtags ➡️ #TEAWeekofAction #TEAactionweek


Day One: Monday, March 18
Welcome to the TEA Week of Action! Let's keep universal vouchers out of Tennessee:
1. Attend TEA President Tanya T. Coats' Tele-Town Hall @ 5:30pm Central/ 6:30pm Eastern time Monday, March 18 ???? TNEA.org/WeekofAction;
2. Change your social media profile pic to TEA Week of Action temporary image;
3. Commit to asking one colleague each day this week to join TEA and participate in Week of Action activities. ???? #TEAWeekofAction #TEAactionweek