Other events

Becoming A World Class Communicator
This workshop is developed to increase participants understanding and practice of using “Power Language” in PLCs that grow teams and strategically communicate day-to-day successes and challenging situations.
(Teachers, Pre-service teachers and Administrators)


Cultivating Your Presence
Developed for school leaders, this interactive workshop illustrates the what, when, and how of coaching early career educators through the practice methods of: Leader As Coach, Coaching Approaches, and Coaching As Conversation.
(Teacher Leaders and Administrators)


Cyber Safety
Email, text messages, social networking, phone conversations, surfing the web, etc. are all forms of communicating through the use of technology.  Social networking sites are especially designed to create relationships, friendships, and communities.  Many students, as well as adults, are very interested in these types of interactions.  Improper use of any type of technology can be detrimental to one’s career.   Therefore, cyber safety is essential to the career of school employees. In this session the participants will explore: 1) proper boundaries when integrating technology into the learning environment and their personal life, 2) pitfalls associated with the use of technology, and 3) utilization of technology safely and within the bounds of policy and regulations.
(Teachers, Pre-service Teachers and Administrators)


The Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Mistakes, Misdemeanors and Missed Income  
Don’t get in trouble for something that you didn’t know existed!  Know the rules, policies, procedures, and laws that govern various aspects of your classroom!  This session will give participants a brief overview of the five causes of dismissal/suspension, as well as an overview of test security, which is a reason many teachers are reprimanded or lose their teaching license.  Real life examples and documentation from across the state will be provided to give participants clear understanding of what NOT to do!
(Teachers and pre-service teachers, all grade levels)


The Successful Substitute
This workshop provides basics for new substitutes. Participants will learn practical strategies from organizational skills to classroom management that will enable them to enter any classroom prepared for a successful experience.
(Substitute teachers) 


This session for pre-education students will provide an overview of PRAXIS I. Concentration will be placed on the essay portion of the exam. Students will participate in a mock writing assessment and peer review utilizing the 6-point PRAXIS rubric.


This review session is designed to help teacher education candidates and others seeking initial certification by providing an overview of the Praxis II series. Registration and study tips, test-taking strategies, and test-anxiety pointers are offered to help examinees develop confidence for these professional assessments. Since all beginning teachers in Tennessee must pass the appropriate grade-level version of the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT), in-depth review of the PLT topics is presented.
(Pre-service teachers, all grade levels)


Presence: It’s Your Time to Own the Room
This professional growth opportunity will equip educators with effective public speaking skills to extemporaneously present at conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as how to have impactful interpersonal peer-to-peer conversations/networking experiences.
(Teachers and Administrators)


Professionalism and Education: A Common Sense Approach 
This workshop will focus on what it means to look, interact and work like a professional. Participants will explore situations that might be encountered in the classroom, but may not have been presented in their formal teacher preparation program. This session will include numerous examples and scenarios to assist with making informed decisions about issues that occur in schools around professionalism. Participants will also learn about legal implications of certain aspects in the teaching profession and the choices they make when interacting with students, parents and colleagues. 
(Teachers, pre-service teachers and administrators)


Teacher Code of Ethics
The 110th Tennessee General Assembly made substantive changes to Tennessee’s Teacher Code of Ethics, a law that had been in place and largely unchanged since 2010. While nothing was removed from the code, there were numerous additions that all educators need to be made aware of as we strive for great public schools in this state.  The new law, which went into effect on July 1, 2018, provides that each Local Education Agency must conduct annual professional development training concerning the Teacher Code of Ethics and its requirements.


The Tennessee Education Association has provided high-quality professional development (PD) training to educators at all levels for more than 150 years. With respect to Code of Ethics training, TEA has been conducting PD on that since it was enacted into law in 2010. Indeed, it was TEA that proposed and drafted the original legislation that eventually became the Code of Ethics. TEA has updated its Code of Ethics PD training and developed a comprehensive training that will satisfy the legislative mandate. Because we feel that this training is very important, TEA is providing every school system in the state an opportunity to have all of their educators receive this TEA training at no cost to the school system or the educators. TEA will make available to your district trained staff to conduct the training. TEA will provide this resource at no cost to any school system throughout Tennessee.
(Teachers, pre-service teachers and administrators)