The duties of the Racial and Social Justice Committee are to:


  • Work to garner information from TEA members and leaders, NEA, governmental agencies, professional and private organizations to identify current issues and trends impact the human and civil rights of our students and members, to include, but not be limited to institutional racism, the school-to-prison pipeline, and restorative practices
  • Recommend outreach strategies to enhance ethnic minority representation at and participation in TEA and NEA events, trainings, and activities and serving in leadership roles
  • Actively assist in the identification and recruitment of local ethnic minority leaders
  • Share with the TEA President and Board of Directors issues of particular interest to ethnic minorities and education stakeholders with suggestions on how to address them
  • Recommend to the TEA President, TEA Board of Directors, and local/regional ethnic minority affairs committees’ relations to cultivate in the ethnic minority community to complement TEA priorities
  • Recommend ways to promote and enhance communication to and from local/regional ethnic minority affairs committees in order to assist in their creation and/or development at the local/regional level
  • Elect a subcommittee to work with staff to inform planning for the Johnella H. Martin/TEA Statewide Ethnic Minority Affairs Conference
  • Share with the TEA President and TEA Board of Directors issues of particular interest for women and girls and suggestions on how to address them
  • Recommend to the TEA President and the TEA Board of Directors groups with whom TEA could partner on women’s issues
  • Elect a subcommittee to serve as the selection committee for the Susan B. Anthony Award; recommend Tennessee nominees for NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards; and recommend nominees to receive the E. Harper Johnson Human Relations Awards and the TEA Local Association Human Relations Awards

Staff Liaison:

Terri Jones
Antoinette Lee
Jayme Merritt



Brenda Munusamy