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Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA)


Alternative education programs TCA 49-1-207

Athletics use of school time TCA 49-6-1002

Bus drivers -- physicals TCA 49-6-2108

Career ladder TCA 49-5-5002

Charter schools TCA 49-13-101

    Bargaining units TCA 49-13-118

    Leaves to teach in TCA 49-13-117

Class size maximum TCA 49-1-104 and TCA 49-6-3110

Commissioner powers and duties TCA 49-1-201

Conflicts of interest/furniture etc. TCA 49-6-2003

    Business transactions/sealed bid TCA 49-6-2003(b)

Conflicts of interest/other interests TCA 12-4-101

Corporal punishment TCA 49-6-4103

    Rules TCA 49-6-4104

Director of schools TCA 49-2-301

    Access to personnel files TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(BB)

    Assignment of teachers TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(L)

    Hiring, etc. TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(EE)
 Non-tenure dismissals TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(GG)

    Recommendation of tenure TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(J)

    Transfer of teachers TCA 49-5-510

    Year-to-year contracts TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(FF)

Duty-free lunch TCA 49-1-302(e)(1)

Early Childhood/Pre-K TCA 49-6-101

Education records evidence TCA 49-50-1501

Employment basics TCA 49-5-101

Advocating revolution TCA 49-5-202

    Agriculture programs TCA 49-5-416

    Application TCA 49-5-406

    Assignment TCA 49-5-401

    Background checks TCA 49-5-413

    Blind or visually limited TCA 49-5-107

    Board members prohibited TCA 49-2-203(a)(1)(D)

    Concerted activities TCA 49-5-603

    Contracts TCA 49-5-408

    Duties of teachers TCA 49-5-201

    Evaluation of teachers TCA 49-5-5202

        Rule 0520-2-1

    Injuries from violent criminal acts TCA 49-5-714

    Injury to student/prosecution for TCA 49-6-4105

    Leave TCA 49-5-701 et seq.

    Leave for TEA president TCA 49-5-715

    Loyalty oaths TCA 49-5-405

    Medications/student needs TCA 49-5-415  TCA 49-5-414

    Moonlighting TCA 49-5-410

    Non-renewal/notice TCA 49-5-409

    Physical exam TCA 49-5-404  TCA 49-2-203(b)(2)

    Resignation TCA 49-5-411

Extended contracts TCA 49-5-5206

Grading uniformed system TCA 49-6-407

Hazing TCA 49-2-120

Home schools TCA 49-6-3050

Instructional Day-School calendar TCA 49-6-3004

Jury duty TCA 22-1-101

    Occupational exemption TCA 22-1-103(a)(3)

Kindergarten-minimum program TCA 49-6-201

License revocation TCA 49-1-201(c)(14)

                TCA 49-1-607

                TCA 49-5-108(d)(2)

                Rule 0520-2-4-.01(9)

Local board defined TCA 49-1-103

Local board executive committee TCA 49-2-206

Local board powers and duties TCA 49-2-203

    Tenure granted TCA 49-2-203(a)(1)

    Non-renewal hearings TCA 49-2-203(b)(8)

Merger of school systems rights TCA 49-5-203

Period of silence or prayer TCA 49-6-1004

Personal and professional leave TCA 49-5-711

Planning time TCA 49-1-302(e)(2)

Pledge of Allegiance TCA 49-6-1001

Principals TCA 49-2-303

Probationary teachers/non-renewal TCA 49-5-409

Probationary teachers/abolition of position TCA 49-5-409(c)

Probationary teacher dismissal TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(GG)

Public records and exceptions TCA 10-7-503

    Confidential records TCA 10-7-504

    Denial/remedy TCA 10-7-505

Reduction in force TCA 49-5-511(b)

    Preferred list TCA 49-5-511(b)(3)

Religious liberty students TCA 49-6-2901

    Rights TCA 49-6-2904

Religious liberty teachers TCA 49-6-8001

    Rights TCA 49-6-8004

Safe schools TCA 49-1-214

Sex education TCA 49-6-1005

School audits TCA 49-2-112

School counselors TCA 49-5-302  TCA 49-6-303

School term TCA 49-6-403

School visitors TCA 49-2-303(b)

    Criminal/civil penalties TCA 49-6-2008

Sick leave TCA 49-5-710

    Physician's certificate TCA 49-5-710(a)(7)

Sick leave bank TCA 49-5-801

Smoking on school property TCA 39-17-1604(6)

    Giving to minors TCA 39-15-408

State board of education powers TCA 49-1-302

Student activity funds TCA 49-2-110

Student discipline TCA 49-6-4101

Student discipline codes TCA 49-6-4012

Student criminal acts/notice by parent TCA 49-6-3051

Student offenses reporting TCA 49-6-4301

Student searches TCA 49-6-4201

    Defense of personnel by system TCA 49-6-4211

    Zero tolerance TCA 49-6-4216

Student suspension/expulsion TCA 49-6-3401

Student uniforms TCA 49-1-302(j)

Support personnel/employment TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(EE)

    Year-to-year contracts TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(FF)

    Dismissal TCA 49-2-301(b)(1)(GG)(i)

TEA Code of Ethics TCA 49-5-501(3)(D)

Tenure definitions TCA 49-5-501

    Breach of contract TCA 49-5-508

    Dismissal grounds TCA 49-5-511(a)

    Dismissal hearings TCA 49-5-512

    Dismissal review by court TCA 49-5-513

    Eligibility TCA 49-5-503(2)

    Loss by age TCA 49-5-507

    Changing employers TCA 49-5-509

    Probation TCA 49-5-504

Testing graduation requirements TCA 49-6-6001

Truth in reporting whistle blowing TCA 49-50-1401

Value-added assessment TCA 49-1-603

    Teacher effects TCA 49-1-606

Waiver of school fees TCA 49-2-114

Weapons on school property TCA 39-17-1309

    Affirmative defense TCA 39-17-1310

Carry permits TCA 39-17-1351