Cyber Safety
Email, text messages, social networking, phone conversations, surfing the web, etc. are all forms of communicating through the use of technology.  Social networking sites are especially designed to create relationships, friendships, and communities.  Many students, as well as adults, are very interested in these types of interactions.  Improper use of any type of technology can be detrimental to one’s career.   Therefore, cyber safety is essential to the career of school employees. In this session the participants will explore: 1) proper boundaries when integrating technology into the learning environment and their personal life, 2) pitfalls associated with the use of technology, and 3) utilization of technology safely and within the bounds of policy and regulations. 
(Teachers, Pre-service Teachers and Administrators)


The Responsible Teacher Assistant – Working Together for Success
When teachers’ assistants and teachers work together and become partners, they can make a lasting difference in a student's life. In this workshop, participants will learn how to respect the boundaries established by their employer, build positive working relationships, and work as a unified and effective leadership team in order to have a positive impact on student success.
(Teacher Assistants and ESP)


True Colors 
Learn about True Colors, an asset-building model that answers the question: Why are people the way they are? Identify individual styles and explore the characteristics of dominant styles. Participants will learn how best to communicate with others who have conflicting personality traits as well as how personality traits affect the school environment. This workshop will investigate the impact personality traits have on one's teaching style and how best to work with a diverse group. Participants will learn what it takes to have a successful team and discover strategies that lead to positive team building, while deepening their understanding of working successfully with students' personalities and learning styles.  
(All teachers, educational assistants, administrators, all grade levels)


Introduction to Diversity & Cultural Awareness
This session will provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Learn about the diverse children and families within our schools and consider ways to create a student-centered, multicultural classroom
  • Increase our level of consciousness pertaining to diversity and cultural awareness
  • Establish a framework for dialogue in our schools and districts about impact cultural diversity has on student achievement
  • Investigate techniques and activities to integrate into the curriculum

(All teachers, all grade levels)


The A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s of Conflict Resolution
This workshop provides an exploration of conflict resolution and mediation. The workshop has four objectives:

  • To define the approaches to conflict resolution, using reflective listening and assertiveness for implementation in the school setting
  • To understand strategies to manage and resolve conflict
  • To examine ways to guide students, teachers and education support professionals in extending conflict resolution skills beyond the classroom into their daily lives
  • To understand the different conflict styles and conflicts

(All teachers, all grade levels)