1. Any educator or layperson in any community who has contributed outstanding leadership in the advancement of intergroup and interpersonal understanding is eligible.
  2. The individual selected shall have demonstrated a concern for and have actively worked with various groups. The activities may have involved different cultures, subcultures, social, racial, and/or religious groups.
  3. Activities of the nominee must be of a continuing nature.
  4. The award may be made for activities of the nominee on the local, state, national or international level.
  5. The award is not limited to UEP members; however, if the nominee is presently an educator, he or she must be a member of the United Education Profession (UEP).


Procedures for Nomination

  1. The Racial and Social Justice Committee of the local association shall get permission to sponsor the award from the appropriate local governing body.
  2. All local association members shall have the opportunity to submit names of nominees for the award.  Those associations presenting a nominee for the E. Harper Johnson Award shall:
    1. Submit all entries in portfolio form.
    2. The portfolio should be organized following the format below.
      1. Introduction
        Rationale for recommendation.
      2. Include length of time candidate has been involved in human relations activities.
      3. Activities (examples: student activities, parent, community, teacher, administrator, other activities). Activities should include need, description, impact and documentation.
    3. Send documentary evidence; such as news articles, testimonials from persons who know the individual (limit 10), a listing of any previous awards or recognition from organizations or associations which substantiate the person's active, continuous pursuit in this area.
    4. Multimedia documentation not to exceed five (5) minutes in length.
    5. Include a photograph of the nominee. A 5½" x 7" glossy picture is preferred.
    6. All entries must be sent to: 
           TEA Racial and Social Justice Committee
           Tennessee Education Association 
           801 Second Avenue North
           Nashville, TN 37201
    7. All nominations and supporting materials must be postmarked or marked for shipment on or before February 2. 

  3. The TEA Racial and Social Justice Committee will examine the data of the nominees submitted and submit selected nominees to the TEA Board of Directors for final approval of the awards. 

  4. The awards will be presented at the TEA Representative Assembly.

  5. Criteria used in judging nominees for TEA E. Harper Johnson Human Relations Awards for an educator and a layperson:

                                Content of Activities                40%
                                Effectiveness of Activities        40%
                                Display of Materials                20%

  6. An association may submit a nominee in each category if desired.