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The Tennessee Education Association is committed to building a strong organization that is active and engaged in the decisions that affect the lives of its members. To fulfill its mission, TEA must continue to influence public policy and the electoral process.


Grassroots organizing describes a distinctive participation approach which empowers TEA members at the local level to actively assist in increasing the power and influence of education employees by shaping public policy and winning elections. The purpose of the program is to build a culture of member advocacy and activity at every level of the Association.


The challenge of this program is - how to motivate locals to become more active with issues that affect the public school system, as well as encouraging greater activism and involvement from individual members. Local legislative grassroots contacts/organizers will have the goal of changing the way we have been doing things by directly getting members engaged in activities focused on accomplishing one or more of the Association's political goals; identifying local activists; and, building the capacity for immediate emergency mobilization.

TEA Grassroots Organizers Commitment


Organizers will:


    1. Assist local Legislative Contact Team coordinators in identifying TEA volunteers in their respective local Associations and organize periodic update meetings with those volunteers;
    2. Assist in preparing a list of the names and contact information of local TEA members who have participated in local activities during legislative and political campaigns and would be good potential volunteers;
    3. Meet with local leaders to encourage them to participate in political grassroots efforts;
    4. Attend local trainings and other skills sessions that would benefit local legislative activities;
    5. Volunteer to participate in and/or receive legislative/political contacts and information sharing;
    6. Attend local meetings to educate members about TEA's legislative/grassroots efforts, accomplishments and challenges. 


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