Your Virtual Visa Gift Card

You’ve just received your TEA Virtual Visa Card. Here are some handy tips on how to use it!

Your Virtual Visa Card can be used for online and phone purchases, wherever VISA/Mastercard are accepted, so pretty much everywhere.


Most online retailers have fields where you can add prepaid cards during checkout. Look for the gift card/prepaid option, enter your Virtual Visa Card number to lower your total by the amount on the card.  


Don’t like Virtual Visa and want a plastic card to swipe? Your Virtual Visa Card can be converted to an old-school plastic card for a $5 fee through Perfect Gift. You'll find more information on that in your Perfect Gift email.


Don’t forget to activate your card before you use it! The Virtual Visa Card is good for 12 months, but hey, with our ever-expanding classroom supply lists who are we kidding?


Still have questions? Call the Perfect Gift customer support line 24/7: 844-942-2516


And again, thanks for being an AWESOME TEA MEMBER!


Your TEAm!