Award Guidelines

The Cavit C. Cheshier Association Achievement Award was established in 1995 to honor the former TEA Executive Secretary for his distinguished service to the Association and to the education profession in the state and nation.



  1. Three (3) $500 grants will be awarded, one in each of three categories based on potential membership:

    1.  Large Locals (potential membership range 325 and larger)

    2.  Medium locals (potential membership range 151-324)

    3.  Small locals (potential membership range 0 to 150)

  2. Local associations are eligible to receive an award only once in a five-year period.

  3. Awards will be presented at the TEA Representative Assembly.


Nomination Criteria

  1. Nominations shall be open to any TEA local affiliate that has developed and implemented exemplary, innovative programs for increasing/maintaining membership, enhancing the professional development of its members, and providing opportunities for teacher involvement in political and community action programs.


Nomination and Selection Procedures

  1. Supporting documentation shall be submitted in a hard cover binder (loose-leaf notebook, photo album, scrapbook, etc.).

  2. Copies of committee meetings minutes, programs, flyers, local newsletters, etc., shall be accepted as supportive documentation.

  3. Documentation (news articles, photos, etc.) shall be dated.  A descriptive statement may be included, if needed.  

  4. Documentation shall be limited to the last five (5) calendar years. 

  5. Written documentation may be handwritten, printed, or typed.           

  6. Items shall be taped, pasted, or otherwise permanently attached to the binder.

  7. Cassette tapes shall be labeled as in #3 above.

  8. Video tapes shall be either 3/4 inch or VHS format and labeled as in #3 above.

  9. A comprehensive, overall narrative on the effectiveness of local association programs, goals, and activities shall be included. 

  10. All questions in each category must be answered to assure the highest score allowable.

  11. Entries shall be sent to the Tennessee Education Association, 801 Second Ave. North, Nashville, TN  37201-1099, Attention: CCC Award. Entries must be postmarked on or before February 2.

  12. All entries will be returned to the local association from which they were received. Winning entries will be displayed at the TEA Representative Assembly prior to being returned to the local association. 



  1. Nominations will be judged by persons familiar with education association programs, planning, design, and education excellence.

  2. Each nomination will be rated on a competitive basis using the Local Association Program Development (LAPD) criteria.


Cavit C. Cheshier Achievement Award Application (PDF)