TEA's School Bell Awards honor media representatives for their coverage of education news and issues as well as the tremendous role they play in shaping public opinion. Specifically, the award program seeks to: 

  • Recognize outstanding contributions to the interpretation of issues facing public schools and to the advancement of understanding and support for public education
  • Help local education associations become more aware of the importance of contributions of the communications media.  


A special committee of individuals, from inside and outside the profession, who are familiar with criteria for evaluation of the services of the media, will make the recommended selections. If, in the opinion of the judges, there are two or more winners in any category, then the appropriate number of awards will be presented. If, in the opinion of the judges, none of the entries in any category deserves to be named a winner, it is possible that no winner will be named in that particular category. If questions arise concerning nominations or awards, a committee from the TEA Board of Directors, appointed by the president, will render final decisions.


All School Bell Award recipients will be invited to attend the annual Awards luncheon at the TEA Headquarters and receive their awards at the TEA RA held in Nashville in May of each year. School Bell Award recipients will receive an inscribed brass school bell.

If you have any questions about the School Bell Award or the nomination procedure, please direct them to Amanda Chaney.


Final Reminders

  1. The entry must be in hard cover form, including radio and television entries.

  2. A letter of nomination must be attached to the second page of the entry.

  3. The letter of nomination must be from the local association and must state plainly the category in which the entry belongs.

  4. Each nomination in each category must be placed in a separate scrapbook.

  5. Radio/TV entries must be submitted in hard-cover notebooks with letter of nomination visibly displayed.

  6. Deadline for nominations is February 2.