From everyday accidents to rare incidents with firearms, this state-of-the-art training is built with the educator in mind


TEA has begun a partnership with SafetyInSchools.com, an online safety training company headquartered in Nashville, to bring one-of-a-kind safety training to TEA’s tens of thousands of members. The program was created by safety experts, educators and risk managers to equip educators with actionable knowledge to keep schools safe. 

“While some Tennessee legislators propose bringing more guns into our school buildings, TEA is providing meaningful resources to improve school safety for all students and educators,” said Knox County educator and TEA President Tanya T. Coats. “As educators, we know it is critical for students to feel safe at school in order to focus on learning. This training gives educators the confidence and life-saving skills to keep their students and themselves safe should the unthinkable happen.” 

Inspired by tragedy in their home state of Kentucky, Safety in Schools created comprehensive training to address mass casualty loss, as well as the threat of everyday accidents in schools. Safety in Schools partners with school boards and school districts across the country to deliver first-of-its-kind safety training designed specifically to address threats to and vulnerabilities of schools. This state-of-the-art program is built with the educator in mind, focused on the areas of concern when it comes to keeping students, staff and schools safe. 

“The SafetyInSchools.com training is unique because we use dramatic, real-world scenarios and firsthand accounts of actual events to impact behavior from within, not just an instructor sharing information that only affects knowledge. Our approach is proven to affect behavior and organizational culture,” said SafetyInSchools.com President and Founder David Brooks. 

TEA’s partnership with SafetyinSchools gives TEA members access to the training program at a significantly reduced rate. The program has been approved by the state for TASL credit for school administrators and may be used for professional development points for educators. 

TEA members should enter coupon code TEASAFETY at checkout to get the $250 training at the reduced rate of $25.

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